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I found this program to be very profound. Having been part of the debate for many years I found it refreshing to listen to the topic discussed open and honestly. I appreciated both Gushee’s and Kissling’s views and their thought provoking questions they had for the other.
I believe there is no clear answer to the issue, nevertheless I think David brought up the fact that we need to honestly address the taboo topic of “sex” with young people and help them to become aware of the consequences of their actions.
I also agreed with David when he mentioned that if Row v Wade is overturned and we haven’t dealt with the underlining issues, the fallout will be great.
Since you were willing to address the topic of abortion in an open an honest forum, maybe it’s time to deal honestly with the topic of how our society is the most sexualized and conversely the most puritanical. This issue impacts our society; morally, ethically and religiously.
Thank you again for a truly stimulating program
Leslie Dixon, Executive Director/Founder Birds & Bees Connection