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I enjoyed your interview on public radio. We need more open dialogue on
polarized issues such as abortion. I'm a physician who has intimate contact
with life and death daily. Raised in a morgue, I examined miscarriage specimens
as a child alongside my father, a hospital pathologist. With the wonder of young
girl and the wisdom of a woman physician, I've investigated the destiny of these
discarded embryos and fetuses. My philosophy is apolitical and offers a fresh
angle on a topic that deserves public discourse. I have been pro-choice in the past
though have been considering the sanctity of life and wondering why we consider
miscarriages medical waste. While pro-choice and pro-life groups remain polarized on elective
abortions, there are far more spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) in America.
What happens to all of these miscarriages? I answer this question in my essay,
The Life of a Miscarriage: