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Dear Cynthia, I really hope you're joking. Sorry I can’t resist. Come on Cynthia, you have to admit, it’s one sandwich short of a lunchbox, logically speaking :) Umm....BECAUSE ABORTION TAKES AWAY LIFE might be the simplest answer. Out of almost 7 billion people on this planet, please tell me of one that was not at one time a fetus. Studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between fetuses and people ;) Therefore if you 'terminate' a fetus you are ending a life. Even a child can work this out. According to your one side 'logic' of challenging positive spin, one would have to also term the 'Pro-Choice' lobby: 'Anti-Life'. That would be fair, and more accurate. Especially since the 'Pro-Choice’ cause is dependent on preventing women from receiving the information they need to make informed choices such as sonograms (note the opposition to the kind of legislation that would provide more information like this to mothers). Let’s try ‘Pro- Abortion’ to keep with the positive spin. Everyone likes that one. You bring in irrelevant arguments about the death penalty / guns / animal rights because you simplistically lump people in the same box because of narrow-minded party politics. We’re not talking about those issues. This cold & soulless bluster about emotionally charged arguments is the quintessence of human self deception.
Please think with me for a minute along the lines of worst case scenarios. Imagine with me that the 'Pro-life' position is shown to be terribly mistaken, beyond a shadow of doubt, actually completely groundless and yet they have their way and repeal on-demand abortion. The result: we have tragically restricted women in their reproductive rights and they will have to raise children that they did not wish to have or give them away for adoption. That’s a painful and often bitter scenario (but life can always surprise us) and not one enfranchised women, or the multi billion dollar abortion industry are likely to opt for. Now imagine with me that the 'Pro-Choice' position is actually mistaken. Instead of ‘blobs of cells’ fetuses are shown in reality to actually be children (over half of which will be women) with precious potential and 'the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ like all other members of society, and yet are the most vulnerable sector of society and unprotected by the very parent who is supposed to provide that protection and who is actually the cause of their dismemberment and brutal murder. What do we have? We have the violation of the rights of the weakest of human lives, but much more than that, we have the silent massacre of 40 million children (7 times the size of the Jewish Holocaust). Judge for yourself which is the worst. Please don’t talk about emotional charge. Human beings are masters of self deception where guilt is concerned, because we don't want to even open our minds to the possibility that we are guilty of such despicable barbarity being committed in the name of 'civilization'. This is the real emotional charge in this debate: guilt. Hopefully one day society will look on this evil stench in it's cold light of reality as we now do the Slave Trade, but I believe that day will never come, because our society might be very smart but it’s morally dumber than a box of rocks, just like your posting.