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This is all very postmodern of you Randy. It is great to dialogue instead of shouting at each other, which is becoming a big part of our culture especially in online forums. Great. But are you seriously suggesting that knowing right or wrong is a waste of time merely because we have an infinite number of opinions in this world? Things ARE right or wrong or neutral, irrespective of our opinions. For facts that are morally inconsequential like ‘does China exist?’ we don’t dispute them. I can easily go to China & find that out for myself. Knowledge is the key to right or wrong opinions. Can we be deceived? Of course, and we unfortunately usually are. But to act like it’s more important to discuss than get it right is sloppy thinking that does have consequences. If the legislators who turned the tide on slavery had spent 100 years talking about it, that would have been 100 years of people being enslaved when they should not have been. And to argue that moral issues are all relative is false. That would mean that before slavery was abolished it was moral. There IS right and wrong in an absolute sense even though that concept is increasingly unfashionable.