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For ten thousand years, humans have acted like predators after learning by watching other animals, to be carnivorous. FOr ten thousand years, since the shift to "domesticating" (neat euphamism for enslave for human purpose, anthropocentrism) wild animals and learning the use of force, subjugation, and turning living beings into human property, our species has been plagued by it's own superiority complex. This very superiority complex, what we in animal rights call "speciesism," has paved the way into human culture and manifested into diseases of the heart. One symptom of this heart disease is a tragic lack of nurturing our young to live in harmony with nature and animals. We actually teach and nurture a DEVALUATION of LIFE. When the ideologies of a species contain accepted use of force over others, as we see everywhere in animal abuse and exploitation, (see all the web sights with pictures and video's of current animal torture in labs, farming, fur, medical research)it is also plagued by the same behaviors in its own midst. With years of abortion rhetoric, we NEVER quite get to the bottom of human sexual desire, and how it is affected by so many things.
Beyond abortion, if humans are ready to grapple with the history of our devaluation of LIFE, even fetal life, we MUST be willing to look at our own cultural failures to raise children who DO Value life, all life. When children grow up with no value of their own bodies,( which our food system does NOT allow or we'd be vegan and healthy inside and out) and sense of responsibility to protect nature( themselves as part of the connected ecology)everything becomes about self satisfaction and external gratification. YES, sex IS USED to fill a void that was created very young. Sex IS USED for validation, where there was a hole from early on. Why would we grapple with our failures? Why would we admit that "health care" has NOTHING to do with diagnostics or treatment but IS everything about nourishment that keeps organs healthy? These issues cause us to look in the societal mirror and understand how retarded human hearts have become in a selfish, me oritented, consumer cult. Want fewer or no abortions, teach that life is sacred, our bodies are sacred, nature is sacred, and we are to protect all aspects, not just economic interests. So frustrating to hear the same discussions. Teach reverence for life, all life. Teach children to love themselves and the natural world, NOT that it is a commodity for consumption. Read The World Peace Diet, as it explains WHY we have these issues instead of skirting them with thousands of words that go nowhere...