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In 1972 I told my priest that I was no longer confessing birth control as a sin-that when the Catholic church paid for me and my child(ren) from conception to college graduation, I would have as many babies as my body would bear but until then I will take care of and enjoy the two children we have. I feel we need to positively emphasize contraception to avoid abortions. Young people today are no more promiscuous than my grandparents who married at age 15 and had their first of seventeen children at 16. Females marrying before 16 was natural because that is when females are sexually heightened. If you were 18 and unmarried, you were an "old maid". What has changed is our expectation of females. We are now expected to graduate from high school and go on to higher education before we start reproducing. To expect females to restrain from the pleasures of physically consentual sex is as preposterous as it is to expect males to restrain their sexualilty. Promoting safe and proper techniques for contraception will drastically reduce the need for abortion. Developing male contraceptives that will allow males to control their ability to fertilize will give males control of their own reproductive responsibilities. We need to advertise widely (like we do for cars, fast food, etc.) the value of contraception. Creating another human being is an awesome responsibilty that we should only take on when we are mentally and physically prepared-we need to teach this too all at all ages.