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What a thought-provoking conversation! I really enjoyed this show. I appreciate how each guest was asked to find something admirable in the other side. Some years ago, I worked as a counselor in an outpatient surgical facility that provided abortions. I saw women from all walks of life. I do think that talking about the medical/scientific side of abortion can add value to the conversation. It's not until 16-25 weeks of life that a fetus develops a central nervous system, and this, I believe is important. I agree with Ms. Kissling that being pro-choice can be nuanced. While it was rare to see a woman seeking a late term abortion, those occasions gave me pause. I also think it's helpful to trace the history of the abortion debate in this country from its roots as a service provided midwives until doctors passed a law to corner the market. Also, at that time in history, there was a xenophobic component to the anti-abortion movement. Understanding all facets of this complex issue will further increase meaningful dialogue. Thanks for a great show!