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It’s difficult to see how our country will ever resolve this issue, but reasonable dialogue and respect for the positions of others sure helps.

I am currently rehearsing a play (called a “generous and compassionate comedy”) that Gadfly Theatre Productions hopes will lead to further thought and discourse. In Mitzi’s Abortion: A Saint’s Guide to Late-Term Politics and Medicine in America by Elizabeth Heffron, the main character faces the possibility of a late-term abortion after discovering that the baby she is carrying is anencephalic and would not be able to survive long after birth. Those around her with a variety of opinions include St. Thomas Aquinas (who, among other things, laments that the Church has dropped the idea of “delayed ensoulment” – that is, that a fetus does not get a soul at conception) and my character, a 17th-century Scottish midwife who was burnt at the stake.

I’ll be interested to see how the Friday night post-play discussions go later this month.

I hope people will be as respectful and thoughtful as your guests on today’s program.