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My sentiments as well. Krista continues to amaze me with her masterful interview skills. I was so intrigued with the title that my wife and I went to the live presentation on this. It truly was a conversation where you could see some movement. I wouldn't call it dialogue, since I didn't see either party completely lay down their belief systems, but it sure was a lot better than the monologue we usually hear on this topic. I've studied 'dialogue' for forty years and have watched it wither in our society as we polarize. This program is such big work. I used to believe things could be fixed, that static beliefs were healthy and that someday I'd have the answers. I now know that nothing's fixed, every thing is moving. It's what makes the world go round and why circles don't have sides. I know that the more rigid I become in my beliefs and answers the harder I break when deeper mystery shatters them. Thanks to all for the courage to open to the mystery, to that which is bigger than us. As Fances said, to 'common grapple', to let down our advocacy and ask more questions, to help one another go deeper. I would suggest a period of silent meditation next time, before words are spoken. There we can meet before the separating influences of language and thought could arise. It really seems to help the listening/dialogue process, beyond our notions of 'right knowing' and 'wrong knowing'.