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One brief positive insight: Frances Kissling explained how generally women have an abortion not because they feel they have the right of choice, but because they feel they have *no other choice* due to their social or economic situation. Though I do not support the outcome, we should understand and address those other real challenges.

And a disagreement: while David Gushee said that abortion let's men "off the hook" and Frances Kissling says that men are off the hook either way - implying that men are socially enabled to not be responsible for sexual decisions, conception, pregnancy, birth, or children... on the contrary, men are "ON the hook" and responsible for every child born - to fully embrace fathering that child (if the mother allows) - and he is "on the hook" and responsible for the outcome of every abortion. because regardless of how it occurs, he is as much a partner in that outcome as he was in the cause. If only all men took this responsibility. Unfortunately, Mr. Gushee nodded as Ms. Kissling made her point. They were disagreeing about grades of an erroneous point. I'm personally tired of men being portrayed and excused as being not responsible. In fact, according to Jesus' teaching, God will hold men *more* responsible.