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I read a written radio show about abortion, featuring David Gushee, he is a Christian ethicist, and Frances Kissling, a longtime reproductive rights activist. They each told their stories, how they came to be where they are, and spoke about how it shouldn't be a subject that is sliced neatly into two groups. And it really isn't.
They both were understanding to each others chosen sides, they didn't argue that 'life is life and it should be holy' or 'it's the woman's choice leave it alone'. They actually talked about how it's not a subject that splits into two groups, how there are many that believe both sides are right, in their own way. Being in poverty is a really big reason many women get abortions; they don't have the money or resources to take care of a child.
Kissling did not blame men, but defined them as being constantly 'off the hook', whether they marry the girl or tell them to get an abortion. And Gushee agreed that in this society it shouldn't be because women are in poverty that they can't take care of the child. That is where the man should step in and help, no matter if he does marry her or helps her keep the child alive.
They also think that having two sides isn't helping this subject come to a close any faster. Legal or illegal there has a be a compromise between the groups, it can't go on being so deeply two sided. Many of the people on either side only know half of what they should to be pro-choice or pro-life. And then there is everyone else who believes in both sides, and some who think that there should be limits to abortion. Not as in how many one woman can have, but as in how long in the pregnancy they are before it's too late to have an abortion.
What I have taken from this talk between the two is that the divide between the groups is deep, yet shallow. There are points on either side that are valid, but they need to come together to make better choices. Women are in the middle of the controversy, and they should be allowed to do as they wish. If they had more power it wouldn't be an issue, if men would take up responsibility it wouldn't be an issue. Women are allowed to have the choice, but that is exactly what it should be. A choice.