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...and you can watch all of Francis Kissling's credibility as a moderate evaporate precisely 30 minutes into the interview:
"Men are off the hook. Men are off the hook if you have a baby, and they are off the hook if you have an abortion."
Sweep aside the millions of men who are suffering under unfair child support laws. Ignore all those who cannot have a relationship with their children because visitation laws are not enforced. Forget about the approximately 25% who are not even the father of the child they are supporting.
Avert your eyes from all the men who wanted to be a father but were denied the opportunity because they have no choice in whether to carry their child to term. Try not to think about all the men who's children are adopted away by the mothers secretly and/or against their will.
Do these things, live in willful ignorance, and you can continue to claim that men are "off the hook". But its shameful that Ms. Kissling made that statement. It's shameful that she was not challenged on it. And it is shameful that she is put forth as representing a moderate opinion.