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But the viewer NEVER called her "fat".
He also didn't say anything about her personality. Nor that she wasn't beautiful.
He only drew attention to whether it was appropriate for her to be a TV representative for health values when she is (and - according to the viewer - has been for a few years) clinically obese.
However harshly he expressed it, that WAS his one point and yet she never once refered to that ONE point of his.
So I agree with the other commentator here, John: she was not a victim of bullying and she has distorted what was actually said to her. I think she and the many who applaud her distortion are in denial.
And on a seperate but related issue, I wonder why so many people are supportive of this clear self-deception by the presenter. Plus what do we call the prevalence of 'obesity' in a world where people are starving? Isn't it an obscene immorality that we accept that as normal? Americans have the highest obesity per capita than any other nation. The relationship between food as a source of nutrition has been steadily corrupted. Our relationship to food, the environment and the world's dwindling resources has become quite perverse in its disregard of health issues both globally and personally.

Time to get real and see the deeper issues than just one person's personal sensitivity to the correct (though understandably unwelcome) observation that she IS and has been 'obese' and yet IS promoting a programme about health.