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I am a weaver, and I listened to this conversation on my ipod as I wove about 15 feet of black fabric. I thought is was one of the most wonderful conversations I have heard in ages. Not only was the tenor wonderfully honest and civil, it was funny and moving. I found that though the topic was gay marriage, the conversation went way beyond that focus. It was a truly moving and beautiful example of how opposing sides can speak with each other (not to each other) in an understanding and congenial way. It was an example of how well talking and getting to know each other, and rejecting political stances for true communication and understanding, can work. I come down firmly on the side of gay marriage, so I guess it is no surprise that I was so moved by this. I think your Civil Conversations Project is SO important. It gives me a ray of hope for our future. If only we could all be so civil, thoughtful, and kind. Thank you thank you thank you, and well done.