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I love your show, Krista, and it looks from the comments I've seen that a majority of listeners liked this particular show. I, on the other hand, as a gay man married to a man on the day it became legal here in Massachusetts, found the show profoundly disappointing. Why you saw value in a conversation with two homophobes (one of whom happens to be gay) agreeing to agree with the overwhelming trend of public opinion escapes me. I understand your desire to promote civil discourse, and I consider it a laudable aim. But I question whether either true civility or real discourse can obtain when both participants are intellectually dishonest in such fundamental ways. I also question whether civil discourse can happen on this issue. In fact there are no valid arguments against gay marriage. The purported "moral" argument always boils down to "I don't like it." And the historical argument lacks moral force. I don't like guns, but in our society I have to respect the second amendment rights of others. And if we were condemned to follow history we would still have slavery.