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Wow! I found this podcast to be very enlightening. Although they discussed gay marriage as one of the topics I felt that it was more about our society being able to coming together and to be able to live without judgment. I was very happy with the fact that the interviewees David Blankenhorn and Jonathan Rauch were able to have this discuss and keep negative emotion out of it. They discussed many aspects of marriage in today’s society and how 50% of marriages end in divorce. They talked about wanting to strengthen the intuition of marriage and that may not mean the traditional marriage as we have grown up knowing.
For me I feel that marriage should be about being with someone that you Love and respect, regardless of race, religion or sexual preference, which I feel all have been debated through history and to some extent still are. Some of their quotes that struck me while listening were, “Be rigorous, be powerful, but don’t be mean.” “Be nice; admit that there may be something that you don’t know.” And when having a discussion with someone that may get emotionally heated, before it gets to that point “know where you agree and disagree.” It would be so nice if people of all opinions could put aside their personal biases and would listen with an open mind to the thoughts and feelings of other people. Even if it was only temporarily and whether they agree or disagree, I feel that this would give people great insight into the thoughts and feelings, ideas and opinions of other people.