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I've seen many political, religious, people, and bloggers debate about this issue for many years as well. To me- in hearing all of these debates, I myself thought the issue was just in black and white. One side meant you were for Gay marriage, the other side said it's wrong. There wasn't much detail to the ordeal. Unfortunately a lot of people just dis-credit the Christians because it's easier to do so. We can accept both sides, and come to an agreement to disagree and this is the part where this debate could have been better. The debate about marriage is more or less about the peoples beliefs and values, none of which are wrong- it's who they are and what they believe.

The government does incentivize marriage. I saw this click before in political debates and they were talking about tax breaks, visiting hours in the hospital, the health benefits, and the title of marriage. Marriage is also a legal institution through the government, but could also be a religious ceremony. The religious ceremony is the legal portion in the church, so once again I don't think it's fair to dis-credit any side. Because both sides could really have a support system through social groups. So I agree that support networks can take care of families and couples, but it can happen in both sides.

If the future of marriage were to change, and keeping in mind that there is separation of church, I think that's fine. People can agree to disagree on the issue, disagree with the values, etc. But it is important to consider those of religious background as well, and through separation of church and state- the church shouldn't have to comply with the future of marriage. If we respect everyone's values and beliefs this is the best way. I thought this discussion has proved that.