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It is cool that they both seem to favor gay marriage honestly. Obviously Rauch was more for it than Blakenhorn... but Blakenhorn was more focused on trying to make sure that we as people, can strengthen all marriages before focusing so much on fighting against gay marriage. They did both attempt to bring an opposition to what each other were saying though. They seemed as if they had a good relationship and were trying to really make both points well established.

I personally am getting really sick of people who get married when they shouldn't. I am not right to judge, but there are some obvious problems that can be seen. I have a friend who always cheated on his girlfriend, then they just got married and he still cheats. Obviously they should not be married because of this. Also I have two friends who are married and they openly cheat on each other because one initially cheated and the other cheated right back. Now they just keep their business to themselves about it, but know that its happening. HOW MESSED UP IS THAT? I also have a friend who got married and her husband wants a divorce. He told me this and she knows this, but they wont divorce. Now they are dating others and they still live together? The divorce rate is rising constantly and we should take the focus off of the homosexual marriages and just try and make the right decisions ourselves. If its not personally effecting you, then let it be. People have the right to do what they want when it comes to who they love and want to be with.