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My reaction to this interview is a bit tardy, but it has had a lasting effect in my mind. When I listened to the “debate” with David Blankenhorn and Jonathan Rauch, I was expecting more of a conversation with “you’re wrong” statements. Being a devout Christian with conservative views during the midst of a pivotal vote in Minnesota, human nature took over on wanting that heated debate that showed one side being wrong. And lets be honest, both sides wanted that during the marriage amendment vote. That is the very nature of debate. Instead, I listened to David talk about how we have destroyed marriage, which should be an eye opener to everyone. He is right!
While I will always remain steadfast in my conservative views, what David was talking about had more to do with what we have stripped from marriage. It is no longer viewed as a sacred bond that lasts until death. Of course, not all dissolutions are frivolous, but greater care should be used when entering into these unions. He had a brilliant argument with regard to how straight people have mucked up marriage and gay people couldn’t do any worse. I even had to agree with him there! My Christian morals stop me from supporting gay marriage but also from pointing my finger and saying “you are wrong.” Rather, I should be asking myself, “What are you doing to uphold the sanctity of marriage?”