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I would like to preface my comment by saying that I am someone who has, only recently, come to the conviction that gay marriage should be permitted. At the same time, as a christian, I understand the source of much of the resistance to this idea. That said, I wanted to share an interesting reaction that I had while listening to the unedited interview today. At one point Jonathan Rauch said, in response to a remark about how some poll recently showed that the majority of people in the country are in favor of gay marriage: "that's right - we are the moral majority now" (I may not have the quote exactly right). Immediately, I reacted to this by thinking "I wish he had not phrased his response in that way". And I thought that reaction was primarily because the words "moral majority" are so readily associated with Jerry Falwell and evangelical Christians who are so adamantly opposed to the idea of gay marriage. But, almost immediately, I began to wonder if my reaction didn't have more to do with the word "moral" than the word "majority" or even with those two words together. I realized that I still have some work to do in being clear about my own feelings on the issue as, perhaps, many others do as well. Thank you for, as always, a thought provoking discussion on such a difficult and important topic.