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This was a moving conversation in so many ways, and I have taken many lessons from it. I deeply admire both Rauch and Blankenhorn for the way they have approached the issue with integrity, openness, and human imperfection. It touched on so many issues beyond marriage, especially the importance of knowing people unlike yourself--the power of friendship and relationship to break through impasses and to expand our thinking. Among the many take-home messages, for me, is how crucially important it is to the future of our society that we break down the residential segregation that is so prevalent in our country. If a single friendship can transform these mens' thinking so powerfully towards civility and humility, imagine the effect of Americans having neighbors of diverse economic levels, ethnic backgrounds, faiths, abilities, sexualities, political convictions, etc. There's a lot of dismissive talk about superficial "diversity," but this conversation demonstrates just what a powerfully positive effect it can have for everyone involved.