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Today my husband and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary - the one that took place in the courtroom; no family, no friends, no community - just love, witness, and law. We had another wedding to follow at church with family and friends - the promise of love "in sickness and in health" made public. The final vow was taken years later - at the Catholic Church - in the presence of our daughter...and my God.

Stuart reflected great points that spoke to me, too " As stated so well during the interview, it's about recognizing with humility that you might be wrong, and your counterpart might have a point. It's about believing that above and beyond getting your way, the most important thing is that we find a way to respectfully live together."

It is so true. And that is why I write. I understand the need for the human heart to love and to be loved, but with all due respect, there may be something here that may merit even deeper humility.

When I was in grade school, I was thinking on the playground. Thinking that if I ever had a child who was gay, there would be no choice but love. That is still the case today. But, my view on marriage has changed; I bent like a reed. Although I can love my child, friend, neighbor, gay and/or straight, I have no choice but to uphold the truth which I have lived. Marriage is a Holy Sacrament. No compromise. Our marriage has survived because of prayer and faith....even with love, if there were no God, we would not be seeing the fruits of today.

Just because man and woman are failing the promise and falling into asunder, that does not mean that the sacredness of the union between husband and wife does not exist.

I appreciated the dialogue that I heard taking place today and I hope it will continue in a spirit of peace. Thank you for sharing your hearts, thoughts and walks. This is how we learn and grow - heal - together.