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Dr. Marty, your comments are interesting and useful. However, the same argument could be used to suggest that the canonical New Testament writers, such as the author of Matthew, co-opted the 8th century B.C.E prophecies for their "personal" interpretations of Christ's life and ministry. And the author of Luke, who starts out writing to Theophilus, might have included all manner of symbolic stories intended to prove that Jesus was who Luke said he was. And preachers give vastly different messages using the very same passages. I think one wise way to look at this is to understand the context for all contentions as well as we can know them, including the perspectives of the original writers, none of whom had training in professional journalism (nor did they write after reviewing the replays). Motives are such interesting human attributes. We all do, say, and write different things in varying contexts and for a diversity of purposes, and people have done so throughout history.