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Like many people, I, too, am fascinated with the information concerning the so-called "Gospel of Jesus's Wife." As a Christian, I am daily trying - struggling, to be more accurate - to be a follower rather than merely a big fan of Jesus. Mr. Marty's wonderful tracing of the different ways in which Jesus has been considered and interpreted through the centuries suggests to me that, in the last analysis, we are on a continual quest for the human Jesus. If Jesus had indeed been married, had experienced (and hopefully enjoyed) marital life, then that would, once and for all, settle the matter as to his humanity.

If that is what's behind all of the excitement over this postage stamp-sized parchment, then that would be a waste of time and scholarship. The New Testament accounts already settled the matter as to Jesus's humanity: he was born, grew into manhood, experienced temptation, wept at the death of his friend Lazarus, suffered torture, and died a human death. Those events pretty much settle the "humanity" question for me, as well as for many Christians.

Whatever the little parchment eventually tells us, the bigger question will always be centered on who is Jesus for each of us. Regardless of whether he had a marital relationship or not, the more important relationship is the one he has with us, and we with him.