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The major party "compromisers" seem to think that by making the budget problem sound complicated, they can "simplify" it enough to hide from the voting public the fact that spending on the military is almost as high as that on social security or medicare and that it has to be cut significantly in order to eliminate the deficit. But the "compromisers" are not succeeding in hiding anything: The public wants to cut military spending by as much as the Obama budget and sequestration combined would do (the one good thing about the "fiscal cliff"). And the public wants to reduce our military commitments abroad even more drastically: There is strong support for defending only the "English speaking peoples" of England, Canada, and Australia, plus Israel. The "radicals" on the left and right (greens and libertarians) agree in calling for such cuts in our military expenditures and involvements, but they are not allowed to participate in the "civil conversation."