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Interesting show and compromise is a good thing but isn't it the compromisers like the two participants who got us into this 16 trillion dollar debt? Would they have us compromise our Bill of Rights and future away? Either you follow the Constitution or you don't. We haven't and we are suffering through partisanship mainly b/c we are debating issues that shouldn't even be debated. I for one don't mind a good political fight. Stand for something (limited govt., personal responsibility, not ruining people with govt. spending, protecting human life and marriage b/w a man and a woman) or fall for anything. Just b/c I don't agree with liberals doesn't mean I'm intolerant for they are intolerant of me. We're all intolerant, it's just what one wants to defend. Should I compromise with the university president in CT who recently fired a Christian prof. for signing an anti-gay marriage petition? Never. We should all defend the Bill of Rights and not compromise our freedoms away as this show implies, yet, be agreeable on the little things of course.