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I have to somewhat agree with Mr Suvak's comments re: Mr Domenici. It seems to me it is easy to be critical of your political constituancy when you are no longer beholden to them for re-election. I could be wrong but I can't ever recall hearing, while he was in the senate, the Mr. Domenici be as as publically and eloquently critical of his fellow senators. Would it not have been far more a courageous a stand to have done so at that time. Don't get me wrong what both of the speakers are saying is exactly what Americans need to hear but would have been more valuable while either of them were more in the public eye. For a moment imagine Mr. Domenici at a public forum and calling out Sen DeMint for his outburst during Mr. Obama's State of the Union. I, for one, would have had a great deal more admiration for him than I do now. Politiciansof all stripes seem to only follow the party line when it comes to legislative initiatives. How about the non-party line about what is best for America rather what is best for my party? I can't count how many times I have heard politians out of office extolling the benefits of bi-partisanship yet have spent their careers engendering partisanship.