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I have to agree that this program segment was not worth airing, Krista. Civil discussions need to be based on honesty and when they do not begin that way it is misleading to proceed. This show took as its guideposts that the two speakers were going to be truthful, that facts were what needed to be paid attention to. The speakers quickly arrived at the observation that this nation's debt was a great danger AND that Medicare and Social Security were what needed to be repaired to correct our financial trends. That smells simplistic and political to me. Fact: Social Security has nothing to do with national debt; it is a paid annuity. Why did your guests not notice that about 12 years ago this country was on track to be debt-free? What happened to change that? Why are entitlements to the following never calculated when we discuss ongoing debt: Big Oil, The Pentagon, Wall Street, Agribusiness, Big Pharma?