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I love this TED talk by Brenee Brown, and also love the spiritual and civil conversations that Krista engages in and mediates. I try to draw strength in midlife from mindfulness, gratitude and compassion in myself and others, especially as I encounter and confrot th eexpected and non-expected family and personal health issues and career realities. But we also live in a fierecly competitive and not-altogether kind world. How are we to find the courage on a daily basis to practice mindfulness, to be whole-hearted and vulnerable when we are surrounded in our daily lives by many others who are half-hearted, invulnerable, close-minded, or worse? What does she advise us to do when our self-preservation instincts urge us to revert to our old ways of closing down, being critical and judgmental of ourselves and lashing out at others. What if the meek don't inherit the earth?