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I'm looking forward to this weekend's broadcast of Krista's interview with Brene Brown, and yesterday I thought of you all when I encountered the "unpublished fragment" by Rilke below. I saw it in the Conclusion of the book, "Creativity, from Potential to Realization," by Sternberg, Grigorenko, and Singer.

"As long as you catch what you yourself threw into the air,
all is mere skill and petty gain;
only when you unexpectedly become the catcher of the ball
that the Goddess, your eternal playmate,
threw toward you, toward the center of your being
in a precisely calculated curve, in one of those arcs
reminiscent of God building bridges;
only then is being able to catch the ball an ability
to be cherished --
not yours but a world's. And if you
were you have that strength and courage to return the throw,
nay, even more miraculous ... if you had forgotten about
strength and courage
and had already thrown ... as the year
throws birds, the migrating flock
that an older warmth flings
across seas to a younger -- only
through your daring is your play genuine.
You neither make throwing easier nor harder
for yourself. From your hand issues
the meteor that races towards its place in the heavens."