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It took a year of therapy for Dr Brown to bring this insight to fruition;
and to embrace vulnerability as she suggests is an ongoing challenge.
Why are we wired this way? Is it because we are social animals
and feel that to protect the herd/community we must internalize
feelings that are different from the herd; or is it a survival extinct to protect ourselves
from the herd? In other words, in the same way that physical pain has a
protective purpose may not shame have a purpose? Finally, the greatest insight
I learned in this talk is that you cant numb your negative emotions without
also numbing your empathic and life affirming ones and that as a result the only
way to a rich and deeper and more fulfilling life is to embrace the whole of you
with warts and all and as best you can in whatever way you can and whenever you can
to share your heart with whomever you can.