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Chang-Soon, your post really spoke to me as it went straight to the heart of what we all fear -- that we will reach out and connect to the world but discover in the moment of our awakening that we are the only one who cares. Do not be disheartened by what happened on that day. Although we try to grow -- some days we cannot. It is a journey that lasts a lifetime. I would encourage you to take your memories of that day and use them as an exercise for what might have been. Replay the time in your head replacing her actions and your actions. Ask yourself how might this look if I had said ... or she said ... or I sat in a different place and talked to another person. Visualize positive outcomes. It gives you strength to face the next encounter. One more thing that may be hard to consider and that is a note about Truth and Perception. As you look back on those people who hurt you -- intentionally or not --also remember that they too are on this journey. Sometimes their great truths are yet to be spoken and when they hurt you hear and know that they are like us -- fumbling around in the dark. All of us trying to find the light. Some of us know this but others do not. Some of us are searching for it but others of us are being it -- yes being the light in the world. Do not give up.