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Vulnerability is an integral part of life. Whether we want to face it or accept it, that is an entirely different matter, When tragedy strikes we tried not to feel, deny, or sublimate, The fact of the matter is that to be alive is to be unsafe, The acceptance of that truth and the trust that there is some of model or intelligence that is aiding us in this journey is the only way that we can deal with life on life's terms. There is no home schooling, gun control, being extra-nice or helpful to others that will insure our safety, Safety is an illusion deeply ingrained. The faster we accept it as such, The fastest we know that we are all in the same boat so to speak, whether some are aware of it and others are not, the better our life will be. The less we will struggle, At least that is my experience. So yes, leaning into vulnerability is not unwise. It keeps me in touch with my humanity; it makes me a better human being.