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Oh so much talk about shame. At the young age of 65 it has finally sunk into my mind after coming by me several times in my short life that items such as shame are the product of bad mind sets from our youth and often parents and the society that we are raised in. The was a long version of the popular theme of mental baggage.
Shame to me is a self inflicted personal attack that happens because one was taught to believe that such attacks are justified.
I think we practice shame because we have an inaccurate assessment of own assets and limitations. To often we are trained to believe that our standards of what are good character assets and limitation are based on some unobtainable non real standard of society. This is therefore not being true to our self.
I think that my parents generation of the 40's and 50's were not allowed to admit to being imperfect and also were forced to believe in this unobtainable standard of society.

So given all the above, the Question to Dr. Brown is ' Does she think that today's generation of parents are ok with admitting to their children that they can make mistake even as parents and that it is ok to make mistakes and be imperfect and therefore vulnerable '