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Very interesting discussion. My thanks to everyone for such enlightening program.

The challenge before us can be explained rather simple terms. Our finite mind, within finite time of our consciousness can never fully comprehend the infinite universe existing over endless time. Hence the need for God and for science.

Think of this simple equation, (I will call it Jyotindra Shukla Equation)

Total Universe = Known Universe + Unknown Universe

The first term on the right belongs to the realm of knowledge and the second term represents the unknown and therefore belongs to the realm of faith. Since the Total Universe is infinite, and the first term on the right hand side is finite, the second term on the right hand side must always be infinite for the equation to be valid. Hence the need for God will remain. We can see the evidence of the validity of the above equation in a limited manner in our day to day life. When we trust the knowledge of doctors, we take medicine and not pray to God because we are in the Known Universe, but when doctors cannot cure us, we resort to prayer (the second term, the realm of unknown and faith).

If we can somehow reach a point where the second term is zero and the Total Universe becomes equal to the known universe, God would cease to exist for us. This boundary condition will never be reached except through the wormhole of human intuition and this is where science and religion meet in the highest reaches of the supreme Knowledge. When we reach that level, the conflict between science and religion dissolves. Also, the limitations of space and time fall away and we enter the realm of timeless bliss that is known as Brahman by ancient Hindus and by other names by all the inquisitive souls that followed them. We get tangled in limitations of language while trying to describe what is essentially beyond language.

Our need to know this ultimate entity (unified theory or Brahman, whatever we may choose to call it) is the result of the homing device that is in each one of us (and in every living entity). Just as Monarch Butterflies fly to their destination; we try to reach this panacea. Trouble is, we get lost when the language combined with intellect strays us away from what can only be felt from within.

We seek the mercy of our creator to give us the divine vision to see through the fog. There is nothing Holier than this ultimate knowledge.

Best wishes to all who use their conscious span (this precious life) to pursue this ultimate knowledge.