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I thought science was about measurement, observations and organized data? Yet your 2 guests whom you had a “public conversation” with two scientists M. Robinson and Gleiser, was full of pithy lines and loaded with quotations of others, no data or observations, just generalizations, nominalizations, presumptions, history of others beliefs instead of their own, and undefined jargon. These two brought nothing to the conversation.

When Marilynne (Irish/Scottish? accent) lectured us on how Americans are so dumb regarding sciences, she gave no examples and you did not follow up and have her elaborate. I was constantly confused by the pseudo-debate since they both spoke of the “presence of God” yet both seem desperate to trump God with science. Wish you could have deconstructed that a bit(?)

Wish Marcelo could have touched on the mechanics of Big Bang theory. What data exactly is he talking about? And he couldn’t support unified theory imply or string theory or God……what exactly does he believe? Very confusing people, that much is true. Was sad when Marilynne lectured Gleiser on his usage…… like he was an 18 yr old college student.

If you want a useful debate/conversation/even controversy, could you just once balance with a real theologian? Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, Dr. E Michael Jones? How about a conversation with Robert Sungenesis who believes we are in a geocentric solar system. (sounds like Marcelo might agree with him?). See if your backers would allow a Catholic spokesman on your show.