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I didn't appreciate Ms. Robinson's dig at Richard Dawkins, who has done so much for science. It seems that Ms. Robinson feels threatened by atheism and those who advocate for it. Intuition certainly plays a role in science's quest for truth because scientists must rely on their own best educated guesses about how things work in order to formulate hypotheses and design experiments. I don't want to base my own understanding of the origins of the universe on faith in a religious text, some sort of personal "experience" of a deity, or gut feelings. I want facts and figures. If you truly understand the enormity, complexity, age, and magnificent energy of the universe you will feel awe and wonder in a way that no manmade religious myth could ever duplicate. I enjoy On Being, but this is the first time this show ever offended me, a devout atheist. Here is a gorgeous video called "Science Saved My Soul From Religion." Yes, it may offend those who believe in an organized religion, but it's breathtakingly beautiful.