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Too Sensitive
Ravi Chandra, M.D.

Is there such a thing as being too sensitive?
Can sight be too keen?
Hearing, too acute?

Sensitivity is what we call listening-with-the-heart.
Your heart can never be too open,
Though listening here can hurt.

“Heart” is a near cousin to “Highly Tuned Ear”;
there is an ear in your heart,
Pulsing a message to “Hear This”,
The beat in all, this beat we must always tend.

Even when we breathe, we inhale
the anagram “Be Heart”,
An inspiring instruction,
Hearing it is life.

For our hearts are sensitive, even to air,
And so, to word, to views and even airs.

To the heartless and hard-hearted,
To the earless for dissent -
I say sensitivity is not a failing -
It predicts the amplitude of ascent.

From feeling heart springs compassion,
Understanding – wisdom – insight.
Sensitivity births every living thing
And precedes even the creation of light.

But some get angry when the sensitive
Point to problems, and suggest that they are flawed.
It takes courage to be vulnerable,
And not everyone applauds.

Why can’t they understand when the sensing
Point to blind spots in their careening, deadly cars?

Their headlights are too dim.
They drive drunk on self-regard.