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Sara, thanks for your note and reminding us of the importance of language. Of course we didn't intend to exclude anyone, and I apologize for making you feel excluded. If you listen to the interview, though, I think you might read this language a bit differently -- from a point of gender rather than heterosexual or homosexual partnerships/relationships. Dr. Brown says that men and women experience vulnerability differently, and have much different cultural and societal pressures placed upon them when it involves shame and vulnerability. It's not so much about sexual orientation as it is about gender.

After six years of listening to our interviews, you obviously recognize the safe space we create, even when it can be uncomfortable for those of us who think differently from our guests. I would hope that perhaps you could give us the benefit of the doubt in this case rather than implying that we're trying to exclude you. We're not. I appreciate your point though and have updated the language to avoid confusion for other listeners who may read this as you do. Thank you for reaching out to us. And, most importantly, please listen to this show; it's a good one that is worth hearing.