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Well, Dr. Allen, I certainly hope Krista and Dr. Brown do read your post, ultimately. I confess that the perspective that people of color might have on vulnerability had not occurred to me -- and since I'm Caucasian, I think that only exemplifies further exactly what you're talking about. A white person like me might not think immediately about someone of color having a very different, and more open, experience with vulnerability because I haven't had the same experiences with fighting racism each day. I'm awfully glad I was reading other people's comments about the interview with Dr Brown, and especially yours, though, because I think this is exactly the type of conversation I wish we could have more often about racism and inequality. These ugly truths won't go away unless we all acknowledge them and discuss them honestly. (True also for discrimination against same-sex couples, as some other commenters have indicated.) I agree with every point you've made here. Very well said.