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I love the show, I loved this show. I listened to the podcast and the unedited interview and will read the twitter thing I just saw. I'll read the book.
However,as a middle aged physician with many elderly patients, I sucked in my breath a bit at the use of the phrase 'aging badly'.
It seems that aging and illness are two major sources of shame and vulnerability in our culture despite the reality that we will all eventually 'fail' at being healthy and staving off death. In the end, now matter how much of our own work we've done, how vulnerable we've been, how wholeheartedly we've lived, we are all susceptible to being eaten 'from the inside out.' And we live in a culture that blames and shames us if we happen to be so unlucky. Our allergy to vulnerability is no more obvious than in how we deal, or don't, with aging and the often inevitablity of illness. To me that we even talk about aging well or poorly is an indication of our fear of this ultimate vulnerability.