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Without question men have certainly had access to more priveledge and freedoms than women throughout history, and this was, is, and continues to be a great injustice. But maybe maybe take some time and consider the costs as well. You can't profit from injustice and walk away unscathed and I believe Brené Brown hit it on the head when she described the consequences of male vulnerability. It's cute and endearing to a point, but when it moves into the territory of exhibiting weakness or even worse powerlessness, as she said, it's repulsive.

Our experience as men confirmed this at a very early age. And in an age where 1 in 6 males are sexually abused before the age of 16, the need for vulnerability and weapons to combat shame are that much more necessary. This was a powerful message for both genders and I hope that everyone would have the same response that Brené described in herself...looking in the mirror and talking responsibility for our part in keeping our brothers and our sisters and ourselves locked up in shame.

May we all come to love with our whole hearts.