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Trent thanks for sharing this story from Brit Hanson and Ms. Rossiter, thanks for posting more about the work of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT). I've been working with CPT for 9 years and the radical vulnerability of our partners (including the Segovia youth) continue to inspire me. In this advent season, we remember the vulnerability of the incarnation. God become flesh. My wife Charletta has written a number of times about the parallels between the vulnerability of God's incarnation in Jesus and the vulnerability we are called to as peacemakers. Like God come to earth in the baby Jesus, we must depend on love and relationship, rather than domination and control. Here's what Charletta said:

For nonviolent accompaniers, our sources of security come in more vulnerable forms through connection to local partners, through being known, through recognition of our work for peace, through our watching eyes and communication to international channels. We are not a threat, except perhaps to the status quo, but those who would harm us count the cost of doing so when our organization and partners would raise an international stink as we would do for Colombians. It is through connection, not power over others, that brings us security. (full article here: ):