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Greetings from Melbourne.Last Saturday (Nov 5) was a significant day in the hitosry of our parish.Our Archbishop,Dennis Hart was in attendance to formally open and bless a new seminary building in our parish grounds.The hitosry of this goes back to 1993 when our then parish priest,the late Fr.Bill Durkin offered the vacant convent in our parish to the Missionaries of God's Love for use as a seminary.The MGL's are a new order of priests that was founded in Canberra in 1986 and they needed a suitable premises to house their steadily growing number of seminarians here in Melbourne who were training for the priesthood.Numbers have continued to grow and in 2006,pastoral care of our parish was handed over the MGL's.Presently they have approx 20 priests,several deacons and about 30 seminarians and are in the process of being formally recognised as an order by the Vatican.Their seminarians spend a novitiate year in Canberra then come to our parish inMelbourne.At this point ,it looks at though they may have as many as 10 new recruits in 2012.So next year St Benedict's will look like this-25 or 26 seminarians occupying both the new building and the existing convent with 3 priests attending to their formation and pastoral care.These priests offer masses in our parish and other parishes in the archdiocese as well as giving retreats.Our parish will have our parish priest Fr Dave,together with a newly ordained assistant priest and deacon.The MGL's are a very orthodox order and are sticklers for good liturgy.Say the Black Do the Red is followed to the letter.We are blessed to have them.So it is onwards and upwards for St.Benedict's and for that we say a huge DEO GRATIAS.