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Oh great! Someone actually said it! You said it! I read with anticiapation your article about why you don't do Christmas but was left wanting more explanation of spiritual content. At 65 with a combined family of six children and ten grands and all the accompanying in-laws, I dread the annual gluttony of unappreciated gift giving and just move through all the actions by rote, but I still try in vain to proclaim the "reason for the season" at every opportunity, only to come away feeling shallow. As my own relationship with God deepends into the cave of my soul, the outward demonstrations feel false, like a table setting that will be put away when the company leaves. Perhaps we should discount any Christian relationship to the holliday and acknowledge that it is simply a time to give a gift. Do you think then it would be more joyful? Just give a gift because you want to -- no strings attached to religious significance. By george, that sounds very Christian, doesn't it!