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I always appreciate your posts. I too am the parent of a teen-aged boy and, while I feel there is lots of room for improvement in my parenting, there is one thing I feel good about having done right: I've raised a kid who isn't BURDENED by a sense of entitlement. For it is, truly, a burden. Particularly in this uncertain economic period, when our kids may finish college in debt and find no decent paying employment awaiting them, I believe it is essential to arm them with the ability to go without, to postpone gratification, to live on very little. It is, in the end, freeing to be able to get by on nearly nothing -- I know because I've done it as a young adult and will probably be doing it again as I grow old.

Mazal tov on deciding to divert needless accumulation of yet more stuff towards those who have little or nothing. "Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers."