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Thanks for sharing your heart and mind on this Krista.I agree that much of the activity we ascribe to Christmas (or other Christian holidays/events) often focus on other than the intent of the holiday. Thank you for this reminder. However, I will challenge you on one point. I will continue to "do" Christmas, and do it with joy, for the very reason you stated. We need each other. I just came from Christmas at church where I though the same thing about it being a children's service. There was a time I would have said, I not "doing" this. Unfortunately, this created a condescending "holier -than-thou" attitude in my heart that once harbored, was difficult to move away from. This attitude was destructive to my relationships, and, just like the commercialism of Christmas had distracted me years before, my desire to live my life in a right manner replaced my desperate need for Jesus, and to share the love and grace he generously showered on me with all other I know and don't know. What I have come to understand is that I don't want to be defined for what I "don't" do;rather for what Christ calls me to do. Love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul and mind, and love my neighbour as I would love myself. What does that look like? We have traded some of the self-centeredness of Christmas with clothing donations, time spent at the food bank, fundraising for the local youth centre etc., but we still celebrate Christmas. We exchange gifts with those who value that ritual, we spend time with family & friends eating things we don't usually eat, we watch church programs that maybe don't speak to all about the true nature of the coming of Christ. Te reality of what this looks like changes from year to year as we grow in understanding. We do this to be salt & light, to share what God has so abundantly bestowed on us, and to point to Him when someone asks why we do what we do.