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i used to be cynical about the whole Christmas thing. But when giving stared to become a lifestyle so my cynicism disappeared as well. I realized that while many people give our of sense of obligation it is better than not giving at all. I too despise our consumerism. The way we celebrate Christmas is simply a reflection of where our hearts really are. So at this time of year I still give gifts as I do through out the year not because obligation but because I like to give gifts. My hope and prayer is that even when people give for all of the wrong reasons that the simple act of giving will cause a spiritual awakening in them.
I have grown to love the season. Perhaps because it high lights what zi desire to be dong year around. So let us encourage more giving and even when "they" "me" do not get it right I know that I have a God who gave it all 2000 years ago and still gives today and forgives today as well. I only have to make sure my heart is in the right place and if I am so fortunate as to get it right maybe somebody will follow me.