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Your comment (I see what you did there with the scare quotes on “spirit” – very naughty) is appreciated, though perhaps a tad too stridently (you are, I trust, familiar with that epithet) fact and reality laden for the tastes of the fan boys and girls (judging by most of the comments here) the producers and patrons (bestowers of grants) of this show.

You could have taken your observations even further and still be on firm factual footing by mentioning that even the virgin birth of a deity is not Christian in origin. It’s just the only time it really, ahem, truly did happen. But that would have had you flagged as even guiltier of waging the “War On Christmas™” than you already find yourself by recommending we “just ignore the manger scenes”.

To be fair, the Dalai Lama, another one of Krista’s faves, is also a god become human. Indeed, the most recent reincarnation in an entire line of such humans. Though, he plays it down just enough not to be seen competing with the One and Only True Son of God (Krista’s) but not too much as to risk losing his cachet.