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Not surprisingly, this is an exceptionally well thought out and beautifully persuasive account of why a Christian might not participate in the Christmas "traditions." I would only add that these economic and political myths that are so damaging to our cultures are fed by a fundamental myth about science and the nature of reality. We put our faith in and are deeply comforted by science and technology. The myth is that we are convinced that this faith and comfort are themselves supported by scientific facts, which is a distortion of the nature of reality and the mystery of human spirituality. Walker Percy sums up well our trust in science:

"What has happened is not merely the technological transformation of the world but something psychologically even more portentous. It is the absorption by the layman not of the scientific method but rather of the magical aura of science, whose credentials he accepts for all sectors of reality. . . . Such a man could not take account of God, the devil, and the angels if they were standing before him, because he has already peopled the universe with his own hierarchies."